Unwed Sailor

Look Alive

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"showcases the collective’s more driving side, marrying Peter Hook-inspired basslines to rumbling soundscapes that evidence the early influence of groups like Bedhead and Tortoise.” - Aquarium Drunkard

"A late-night drive to nowhere, built on journeying melodies and throttling atmosphere. Shoegazing, new wave escapism…” - NPR

"vibrant, forward-thinking and awe-inspiring. These compositions suggest that Unwed Sailor may be approaching their finest hour yet.” - PopMatters

“driving… mesmerizing” - Brooklyn Vegan

"Behind Ford’s sinewy bass, Matt Putman’s driving beats, and David Swatzell’s incansdescent guitars Look Alive is an energetic outing that howls as much as it soars as the trio reference musical touchstones across a swath of styles ranging from new wave and shoegaze to indie rock with a verve and hard-won authenticity that is rare in the genre.” - Stationary Travels

Look Alive comes from a place of strength and inspiration. Its seven songs are about emerging from hardship, not unscathed, but rather, with newfound conviction in who you are.

Look Alive contains some obvious touchstones: fluid basslines that recall New Order, moody synths evoking The Cure and Talk Talk, and raucous shoegaze textures à la Swervedriver. But there are moments that took even Ford by surprise: a hook or riff that evokes Ned’s Atomic Dustbin or Killing Joke

Vinyl edition also available from Old Bear Records via Light in the Attic distribution.

Cassette edition also available from Steadfast Records.